Younes Mohammad

Born in 1968, in Dohuk, is Iraqi Kurdish photographer.

He is currently based out of Erbil. 

He works as a freelancer on assignments for newspapers and magazines. 

Although he has had a life-long passion for photography he was unable to pursue it due to the war - ultimately, he spent much time in Iran as a refugee from 1974 to 1998. 

He graduated with an MBA from the University of Tehran. In 2011, he quit his job and started his journey as a photographer. 

His work has been exhibited internationally and published widely in publications and he is the recipient of multiple awards. 


I am available for collaborations worldwide & gladly respond to requests for publication, editorial work, assignments, proposals for exhibitions and acquisition of printed works.


+964(0)750 448 4697

452/12/382 Gulan

Bnaslawa - 44001

Erbil, Iraq

Awards | Grants | Festivals | Scholarships

2022: First Place - Travel Tales Award (Italy)

2022: Jakarta International Photo Festival - (Indonesia)

2021: Honorable Mention - Gomma Photography Grant (UK)

2021: UNDP-Iraq Photo Contest Winner - (Iraq)

2021: Third Place Winner of Portrait Series of Annual Photography Awards - (UK)

2021: Bronze Award in Editorial-Conflict at Tokyo International Foto Awards - (Japan)

2021: Third Place winner of UNICEF Photo of The Year - (Germany)

2021: Honorable Mention - Portrait, Chromatic Photography Awards (UK)

2021: Silver Award in Editorial-Conflict at Budapest International Foto Awards - (Hungary)

2021: Honorable Mention - editorial/documentary, Neutral Density Photography Awards- ND (UK)

2021: First Place in Editorial/press, war/Conflict, International Photography Awards- IPA (USA)

2021: Silver Prize of Prix de la Photography (France)

2021: Honorable Mention at Editorial - War/Conflict at Muse Photography Awards - (USA)

2021: Silver Winner at Editorial - Documentary at Muse Photography Awards - (USA)

2021: Second Place / One-Shot - Our Times/Lockdown Life in IPA - (USA)

2021: Gold Award in Editorial-Conflict at Moscow International Foto Awards - (Russia)

2021: Second Place in Portrait, “Series” at the Monovisions Awards - (USA)

2021: Project Grant Finalists at the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards - (Malaysia)

2021: Best photo project out of Maghreb of Maghreb Photography Awards - (Maghreb)

2021: Grand Winner in the category Editorial of Maghreb Photography Awards - (Maghreb)

2021: Gold Medal in the Out of Maghreb of Maghreb Photography Awards - (Maghreb)

2021: Runner-up Winner of the All Out and MTV Photo Award 2021- (USA)

2021: Third Place winner of Photography Contest in the U.S. Consulate General Erbil - (Iraq)

2021: Grant & Photography Award of the Working Artist Organization - (USA)

2021: The COVID-19 Visual Project. A Time of Distance - Cortona (Italy)

2021: First Place Visual Art – Havik: Inside Brilliance - (USA)

2021: Third place in Body Category at Rovinj Photodays - (Croatia)

2021: Runner-up prizes from City Council of Donostia/San Sebastián - (Spain)

2021: Nomination in Professional People category in the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards – (UK)

2021: Award of Excellence, Covid-19, POY Asia - (USA)

2021: Gold Award, One Eyeland Award - (India)

2021: Particular Merit Mention Awards, All About Photo - (USA)

2021: FolioLink Website Awards, CollexArt Gallery - Maine (USA)

2021: First Place winner in the 4th Edition of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award - (Australia)

2021: Trieste Photo Days Festival - (Italy)

2021: Indian Photo Festival - Hyderabad – (India)

2021: DongGang International Photo Festival - (South Korea)

2021: Antiparos International Photo Festival - (Greece)

2021: Head on Photo Festival - (Australia)

2021: Verzasca Foto Festival Awards - (Switzerland)

2021: Kaunas Photo Festival - (Lithuania)

2021: Tbilisi Photo Festival - (Georgia)

2021: Imago Lisboa Photo Festival - Lisbon (Portugal)

2021: Photo Romania Festival, Futures project - Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2021: Chania International Photo Festival - Crete (Greece)

2021: Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert Festival - Pierrevert (France)

2021: Mare Foto Festival - Northeast (Brazil)

2020: Gold Prize of "Let's DMZ 2020 Peace and Environment International Photo Awards" (South Korea)

2020: VII Academy Photojournalism and Documentary Photography online Seminar (France)

2019: Fellowship for climate reporting, Free Press Unlimited (Netherland)

2018: Sixth International Art for Peace Festival (Iran)

2017: Vilnius Photo Circle Festival (Lithuania)

2017: Silver Prize of Prix de la Photography (France)

2017: Fifth International Art for Peace Festival (Iran)

2017: grant Exhibition at Head on Photo Festival – (Australia)

2017: Honorable Mentions - Social Documentary Network (USA) 
2016: Gold Prize of Conflict - The Tokyo International Photo award (Japan). 
2016: First Prize of Editorial Professional - The Tokyo International Photo award (Japan). 
2016: Golden Award & First Prize of Documentary (Story) DorbinNet - Tehran (Iran) 
2016: DorbinNet Photojournalism Festival - Tehran (Iran) 
2016: Master class 2016 Foundation Patrick Chauvel (France). 
2016: Golden Award - The Best Photographer of The Year - Hawkar Group (Iraqi Kurdistan). 
2016: Indian Photography Festival - Hyderabad (India). 
2016: First Prize of Conflict - The Moscow International Foto award (Russia). 
2016: First Prize of Editorial Professional - The Moscow International Foto award (Russia). 
2016: Scholarship Winner for 2016 Foundry Photojournalism Workshop (South Africa). 
2016: American Photography Book (USA). 
2016: Jurors Merit Gallery (USA). 
2016: Jury Award the Days Japan International Photojournalism Award (Japan). 
2014: Golden Award - Human Rights Ministry - Baghdad (Iraq). 

Exhibitions | Publications | Features 

June 2023: Stories of Hope and Sacrifice, KRG Representative - Washington DC, USA

June 2023: Stories of Hope and Sacrifice, US Congress - Washington DC, USA

June 2023: Stories of Hope and Sacrifice, Courthouse - Nashville, USA

November 2022: Kurdistan Images of Existence,  District Museum - Bydgoszcz, Poland 

October 2022: Travel Tales Exhibition - OTTO Rooms & Photogallery, Italy

September 2022: Unicef Photo of The year - Stadtmuseum Schleswig, Germany

September 2022: Jakarta International Photo Festival - Langsat Park, Jakarta, Indonesia

September 2022: Gulf Photo Plus & National Geographic Al Arabiya - Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE

August 2022: Plovdiv Festival - Roman Stadium Square - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

May 2022: Heterotopia Art Project - Cihan Gallery - Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

April 2022: IPA- House of Lucie - Budapest, Hungary

February 2022: UNICEF - Willy Brandt House - Lubeck, Germany

January 2022: Shahr Gallery - On War - Shiraz, Iran

December 2021: UNICEF - House of the Federal Press Conference - Berlin, Germany

November 2021: All Out Exhibition - Munich, Germany

October 2021: Annual PX3 Exhibition - Espace Beaurepaire, Paris – France

October 2021: Annual MIFA Exhibition - Record Cultural Center Moscow – Russia

October 2021: Urban Exhibition 2021 – Trieste Airport – Italy

October 2021: Phodar Biennial Festival Exhibition, Sofia – Bulgaria 

October 2021: Exhibition & Photography book - Mythography - Vol. 01 – Italy

October 2021: Imago Lisboa Exhibition at Carpintarias De Sao Lazaro - Lisbon, Portugal

October 2021: All Out Exhibition - Liverpool, UK

September 2021: Circle 2021, CICA Museum - Gimpo-Si, South Korea

September 2021: Museum Folk Music Branch - Kaunas, Lithuania

August 2021: All Out Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark

July 2021: Contrasts international group exhibition, LoosenArt Gallery - Rome, Italy

July 2021: Decontexts international group exhibition, LoosenArt Gallery - Rome, Italy

Jun 2021: All Out billboard screening at time square - New York, USA

May 2021: The book, Havik 2021, The LPC College Journal of Arts and Literature - California, USA

May 2021: The KATALOG Magazine, Imago Lisboa - Copenhagen, Denmark

May 2021: The Geographies of Justice, About Place Journal, Black Earth Institute - Wisconsin, USA

March 2021: Inspiring Girls, The Ink People Art Center - California, USA

March 2021: Look back, Mare Foto Festival - Northeast, Brazil

March 2021: Allow affection, Mare Foto Festival - Northeast, Brazil

March 2021: The Boomer Magazine, Boomer Gallery - London, UK

March 2021: The Portrait Exhibition, Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis, USA

February 2021: Lockdown Virtual Exhibition, Free-thinking Art Gallery – London, UK

August 2019: Genocide of Yezidis, KRG – Washington, USA 

April 2019: Cultural Exhibition, UN – New York, USA

October 2018: SDN’s Anniversary Exhibition, Bronx – NY, USA

September 2018: Sixth International Art for Peace Festival – Tehran, Iran

August 2018: Solo Exhibition - Moscow, Russia

December 2017: Vilnius Photo Circle Festival Exhibition – Vilnius, Lithuania

November 2017: Exhibition in - Tehran, Iran

September 2017: Exhibition of Fifth International Art for Peace Festival – Tehran, Iran

May 2017: Exhibition at Head On Photo Festival – Sydney, Australia
January 2017: Art by Email at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Bothy Gallery, UK 
September 2016: IPF in State Art Gallery Madhapur - Hyderabad, India 
September 2016: DorbinNet Exhibition in Qasr Museum Garden - Tehran, Iran 
August 2016: MIFA Winners Exhibition in Na Kashirke Gallery -Moscow, Russia 
July 2016: Days Japan Winners Exhibition - Nagoya, Japan 
July 2016: A Scream From Mesopotamia / Hawkar Group - Yerevan, Armenia 
August 2015: SHANGAL, A Scream From The Mesopotamia - Tbilisi, Georgia 
May 2014: Photo of the Year / Dorbin net - Tehran, Iran 
March 2013: Dream Of Backing Home - Derik, Syria 
December 2012: International Duhok Photo Festival - Dohuk, Iraq 

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